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Fellow taxidermists, Welcome to Red Eye European Mounts!

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Are you thinking about the following?

  1. Q: Have you decided to stop taking on European mounts or lowering your numbers as you need to focus on your other mount types? Are you turning customers away? Are you losing money due to the time it takes to dedicate yourself or your staff to doing skulls the right way?

    • A: Why stop taking them on when you get paid to have someone else do them for you? Making a little for doing nothing at all? You keep your European mount prices where they are, decrease your turnaround times for your Non-European mounts, and take more of them on. You naturally will take on more Traditional and European mount customers resulting in a higher revenue stream for your shop. You will build returning customers for Non-European mounts due to the quick turnaround times and the quality and by how QUICKLY they were able to pick them up.

  2. Q: Are you asking yourself, "Are we really maximizing our profits by investing so much time into European mounts and the process it takes to do them right?"

    • A: Probably not. If done correctly and at the quality RED EYE can produce European mounts. You do not have a system in place nor can you finish them in the timeframe your customers are expecting. European mount taxidermists that boil skulls can finish a skull in 2-10 days, depending on their load of work. The difference is noticeable in the quality and the life of the European mounts. If you must know, zooarchaeologists, anthropologists, and osteologists are scientists that use the same methods as RED EYE, but they do so on a much smaller scale. Although they are not concerned about whitening the bones, they are hyper-focused on preservation. RED EYE focuses on both. Our process will provide that desired quality, with turnaround times that will leave your customers returning when they need a European mount mounted.

  3. Q: How many shop hours does it take for us to make one skull?

  4. Q: Are you using your customers' sought-after and best preservation approaches by using beetles and a slow degreasing process?

    • A3 & A4: I personally know that an individual skull takes 4-10 weeks to complete and 30min-2hrs hours a day to handle each skull individually. That is if you are preserving and whitening your skulls for a lifetime. This is where you break out a calculator or piece of paper. If you are thinking about doing 100, 200, or 300 European mounts a year, could you? Could you do that respectfully within a 3-5 month time frame or are you still telling your customers a year or more? A year for a European mount? CAre you providing your customers with quick turnaround times and quality? Remember, no shortcuts!

    • My system is flexible for growth and is only focused on European mounts. Quit shifting gears from shoulder mounts, fish, full-body mounts, birds, reptiles, and whatever else you may be doing. Let RED EYE help you speed up your turnaround times for ALL of your customer types by letting us take care of your European mounting and skull works. That way you can focus on your larger projects and increase your top revenue stream.

  5. Q: How about beetle maintenance and the care it takes for millions of these hard workers?

    • A: Do you have millions of beetles to clean your skulls like RED EYE raises every year? In 2020, I estimated 1.5 million beetles were in our colony. Our beetles could clean 10 deer heads in 24-36hrs.

  6. Q: Do you like to have extra capes lying around in case you need them?

    • A: In the 2021 season we are going to start collecting capes. All of my current customers have been reminded that we give money off our skull mounts, ensuring they bring them in. It is a "Win-Win" for everyone. RED EYE will provide a way for you to know what we have in stock. You will be a partner with us; no more shipping costs, no more traveling to find that perfect cape, I am right down the road. RED EYE can make the cut however you may like it. I usually make 7 and T cuts but let me know what you are looking for and I will find it and cut it how you need it. (if possible)

Text of Call For More Information: 812-646-1313