Diseased animal reporting

According to Indiana DNR, there has been a massive misconception about CWD, EHD, TB, and other animal diseases. I strongly urge you to report all animals to your state if you find anything out of the normal. I also recommend letting our organization know your animal was tested for one of the below before bringing or shipping it to us. We report any signs of the below diseases that came across Indiana state lines or came from within. As a sportsman and a taxidermist, it would be irresponsible not to do so.

Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD)

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Information concerning the spread of this disease:

  • 2007: EHD confirmed in 36 counties and suspected in an additional 23 counties. Total Probability: 59

  • 2012: EHD confirmed in 29 counties and suspected in an additional 38 counties. Total Probability: 57

  • 2020: Look to the state map on this page

Outward signs of EHD include:

  • Loss of it appetite and wariness.

  • Swelling around the head and neck.

  • Dehydration and weakness.

  • Increased respiration rate.

  • Excessive salivation.

  • Rosy or bluish color of mouth and tongue.

bovine tuberculosis

Indiana DNR will conduct targeted surveillance of deer if there is a high fluctuation of reporting. If lesions are found, it is your right and your duty as a hunter to contact an Indiana State Board of Animal Health Veterinarian by calling 877-747-3038 or visit boah.IN.gov

If you would like a direct contact:

Nancy Boedeker, Wildlife Veterinarian 317-234-9617

Chronic wastes disease (cwd)

An animal infected with CWD may not show warning signs until the later stages of the disease. Deer showing signs of CWD appear emaciated, exhibit abnormal behavior such as staggering or standing with poor posture, salivate excessively, very thin body structure, and look malnutrition, or carry their head and ears lower than a normal whitetail.

Currently, there has never been a verified or certified case of CWD within the State of Indiana.