Turkey Taxidermist IN Evansville, IN

Turkey Fan Mounts

If you are wanting to have your turkey mounted on a plaque presenting the fan, beard, spurs, and with/without wings. We are your turkey fan taxidermy source.

We have a very simple business model. You pay for the turkey preparation and the plaque, then we put them together.

If you want a custom turkey fan mount, we will research and negotiate your request in the shop.

Red Eye European Mounts is located just North of the Evansville, IN area.

*RED EYE does not do full-body or breasted turkey mounts at this time.

Turky Mount Preparation Costs

Turkey Fan, Beard, and Spurs Preparation


Turkey Fan, Beard, Spurs, and Wings Preparation


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Turkey Fan Mount Preparation and Plaque Costs

Standard Turkey Mounting Cost

Above Cost + Plaque Cost = Your Cost

Custom Turkey Fan Mounting Cost

Above Cost + Plaque Cost + $25/hr rate = Your Cost

*the hourly rate will be discussed and negotiated prior to leaving the shop

Additional Turkey Taxidermy Information

Turkey Skull Cost


Recommended Companies For Turkey Fan Plaques

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*Turkey fans are not eligible for a discounted price, but loyalty discounts will roll onto large game discounts. Come back for a European mount and receive our loyalty discount during that checkin.

Call or Text Now 812-646-1313