Shipping Process



*please read the entire process

Prior to Shipping:

  1. You decided RED EYE as your European Mount Taxidermist is who you want to do your European Mount. (Thanks, by the way!)
  2. You must have an active email account that you can access.
  3. Please instantly call us so we can give you an estimate on your animal(s). Picture and Videos can be texted or emailed to the below.
    • 812-646-1313
    • We will collect your personal information as it is needed to send create an account in our software and to send payment(s). (Name, Address, Billing Address, Phone Number, email address, etc.)
  4. We will evaluate your "digital specimen(s)" and get back in touch via phone and/or by email.
  5. You accept the amount through email to keep for both our records.
  6. You will then be provided an invoice through email via our software.
  7. You must pay the invoice in full prior to shipping your animals to us.
  8. We will not start work on the specimen unless it is paid in full.
  9. Please skin and remove the brains prior to shipping.
  10. Most States require that you remove the brains prior to shipping the animal out of state. Please check with your state prior to shipping.
  11. The neck needs to be severed between a vertebrae. Make sure this is done with a knife, not a saw. Saws can damage the mount.
  12. The more neck you take off, the less shipping will cost.
  13. Skulls must reach us within 3 days after shipping so they do not spoil.
    • To guarantee this always ship on a Monday's
    • Holiday weeks, I do not recommend shipping.
    • If you ship a mount and it spoils on route, we may have to boil the skull to ensure our beetles do not contract parasites, mites, or get sick. This may come at an additional cost.
  14. Wrap the entire skull in old t-shirts or a similar product that is covered in water. You can wring out the T-Shirts if you feel the need. Antlers or horns do not need to be wrapped unless delicate or you feel the need.
  15. Freeze the animal head for 2 days.
  16. Place skull in 3 plastic trash bags.
  17. Wrap the bagged animal with fiberglass insulation that you would use for the walls in a house.(yellow or pink)
  18. Tape down the insulation to itself, not to the antlers or the skull. Please make sure your use enough tape to seal off any liquids.
  19. Place wrapped skull in a plastic tote along with with your Packing Slip including ONLY your personal information. Do not include money orders or checks, we do not take them.(we recommend plastic totes as we can use that to ship the animal back to you and you can keep your tote) (please make sure the packing slip is inside the container within a CLOSED zipping freezer bag)).
  20. Pack in as much fiberglass insulation around the skull as possible for packing and to help stay insulated during the shipping process. Please do not use packing peanuts unless that is all you have to pack the wrapped skull from banging against the tote.
  21. Pull packed up tote out of deep freeze right before you ship.
  22. Make sure your name and your return address is marked on the tote(tape over the name so it does not get damaged and please do not only use the packing slip from FedEx or UPS.
  23. Federal law requires that all packages like this must be clearly marked as containing wildlife parts. This can be easily done by marking packages “Taxidermy Items” (put it all over the tote, and on all sides. Make sure to tape over the labels so they do not come off.)
  24. USPS or SurePost is not an option. Doing so will result in a return to your home address as the United States Postal Service in my hometown does not want to have any animal skulls placed into their carriers.
  25. Ship Speedy Delivery, UPS, DHL, or FedEx ONLY (as fast as you can get it here)
  26. Currently we do not accept packages from USPS(post office). If you want to send standard mail through your mailbox(post office) that is fine, but packages are not being shipped to our doors from USPS so that led to our temporary decision to only use FedEx, or UPS. Our township is in the process of addressing this for us.

After Shipped To Us:

  1. Upon arrival we will evaluate the animal to make sure it is what we were expecting to receive.
  2. Once we see the work is what expected, and all payments are up to date, we will add the specimens into our process.
  3. Return shipping is not included in the price of all work RED EYE will conduct on your specimen. It will come at an additional price after the work is complete. To have the animal shipped back, you will need to pay the amount we have configured by the carrier at that time. We will call or email to discuss and send you another payment option.
  4. Returns prior to mounting will also be at your cost. Please email or mail a packing slip and pay for the tote size for the return. (we will use your tote, unless damaged)
  5. If you mail an animal to us for services, and we add the mount into our process, only 50% of your full amount will be returned due to: loss of time, chemicals, and other reasons within our process. We take our orders in order they were received so please make sure you have the means for RED EYE to be your European Mount Experts.

All of the above procedures are very important. Leaky, foul smelling packages can cause a great deal of problems and can lead to your specimen being thrown away by the shipping company. The above is a recommendation for packing and shipping, you can avoid problems in transit and ensure your trophy arrives in good condition if you follow the above process at a minimum. Again, we assume no responsibility from issues or damage crated by or from the shipping company or yourself.

hunter packing slip (2).pdf