red Eye European mounts Cape Service

How to get a cape from us

  • This service will start on the first week of deer season in Indiana. (10/1/2021)

  • Call: 812-646-1313 or email:

  • We will negotiate a time to meet to go through the capes customers submitted to us for their cape discount.

  • I want to partner with you, let me know what you are looking for, and I will discuss this with customers as they call or bring in their animals.

  • Once I receive the animal, I will ensure it is caped correctly, and then I will ensure the measurements are correct.

  • Once I know the measurements are what you want, we can negotiate.

Animal Capes near evansville, In

Deer Capes

Antelope Capes

Elk Capes

Moose Capes

Caribou Capes

Text of Call For More Information: 812-646-1313