the red eye european mount Process

1.drop off

  • When you first come to RED EYE we will evaluate your animal to try to locate defects, broken nose bones, or missing teeth so you are not blindsided when you pick up your animal and there is a defect. Most of the time, they are not visible, but we still try.

  • If you caped your animal in preparation for a discount, you may be eligible for a hide discount. (please follow our recommended practice for caping)

  • We check all discounts and price reductions you are eligible for. If we have them and they are eligible, we will apply them.

  • We assign and attach a waterproof tag to your mount for easy tracking through our entire process.

  • We will take notes on what you are wanting.

  • We will ensure you understand the base price, the estimated time frame, and that additional custom costs may come. (99% of the time there will not be additional costs)

  • We must collect 50% of the base cost.

  • When dropping off your specimen with RED EYE you agree to all of our terms.


  • We will ensure to remove the skull properly from the neck vertebrae.

  • Then we remove as much meat and tendons from the skull.

  • We remove the brains for a faster turnaround time and decrease odors in our taxidermy shop.

Text of Call For More Information: 812-646-1313


  • We kill the current pests in your skull so they do not kill our beetles.

  • Then into the beetles, it goes!

  • We leave the skull in the beetle habits until all external and internal tissues are turned to frass.


  • The process of whitening bones is not done in the whitening stage, it is done in the degreasing stage.

  • This stage takes the longest time and you have to get this right the first time or bones have a hue of off-white or a yellow discoloration.

  • Our stages do not damage the bones and they will keep them intact.

  • Our degreasing will get ALL of the grease out of the bone to ensure an increased amount of whiteness and it will stay white longer than a lot of our competitors. (we only use the best chemicals and products to achieve maximum whiteness)

  • We do not boil heads to degrease. We control and keep a steady temperature way below boiling to ensure the quality and strength of the bones.

  • If possible, we remove the earbuds at this stage. As the earbuds hold a lot of grease, it is inevitable that they will turn a darker color so RED EYE removes them. The simmering at our recommended degree will moisten the bones to the point they almost fall out on their own. If your current taxidermist does not do this, please require it from them on the next mount.

Text of Call For More Information: 812-646-1313

5.Whitening 1

  • We do multiple levels of whitening to ensure the whitest bones are the long-lasting result.

  • Level one is the start of the process with our proprietary whitening/color-killing chemicals.

  • This level of whitening pulls the colors out of the bones before we can apply the final touches of forcing in the long-lasting white colors in the next stage.

  • All of our chemicals are safe and do not harm the bones.

6.Whitening 2

  • The second level of whitening is almost the same as level 1 but it is a more intense process that pushes the whitening chemicals deeper into the bones.

  • All the colors are now out of the bones so we need to make the bones snow white.

  • Stage 5 opens the bone pores and pulls colors out of the bones.

  • Stage 6 deep dives into the specimen, utilizing heat and whitening chemicals.

  • All of our chemicals are safe and do not harm the bones.

  • We then seal in the white by clogging the pores of the bones with a special mix intended to seal out the elements.

Text of Call For More Information: 812-646-1313

7.pick up

  • When picking up you will be required to bring your checkout amount.

  • You will be notified via the way you annotate on your profile in our system.

  • You can keep the tag that the deer obtained when going through our process or throw it away.

  • We keep the tag number on record for the DNR or other law enforcement reasons.