Taxidermy Prices

European Skull Prices

Skull prices consist of deboning, degreasing, and skull whitening. Specific specimens will need reassembly, that cost is included.

Mammal/Marsupial European Mount Prices

Deer species(United States) $125

Antelope $125

Armadillo $65

Badger $100

Beaver $75

Bear $200

Bear Front Foot $300

Bear Back Foot $300

Large Buffalo $300

Normal Buffalo $250

Large Caribou $250

Normal Caribou $200

Smaller Dog's (Coyote) $75

Large Elk $200

Normal Elk $150

Fisher $50

Marten $50

*Boar/Hog/Peccary/Javelina $200

Mink $50

Muskrat $50

Large Moose $300

Normal Moose $200

Mountain Lion $150

Muskox $300

Muskrat $500

Opossum $75

Otter $150

Rabbit $50

Raccoon $75

S-M Sheep or Ram $150

Large Sheep or Ram $200

Cats (United States) $70

Cats (Non-United States) $150

Large Dog's (Wolf) $200

Text of Call For More Information: 812-646-1313

Bird Skull Prices

*Certain legally kept birds, hawks, and eagles must have all the correct paperwork.

*Legal Birds $20

Turkey $20

*Hawk $30

*Eagles $75

Reptile Skull Whitening Prices

Alligator/Crocodile $20/in

Snakes(mouth open or closed) $65

Turtle Skull $65-175

Turtle Shell $85-$450

Text of Call For More Information: 812-646-1313

Fish Skull Whitening Prices
*just the head

Alligator gar $20/in

Paddlefish $200

Paddlefish & Shadowbox $300

Bass $20/in

Shark Jaw $25


Leaving the jaw intact for Medium to Large animals adds $30 to your checkout, excluding hog/swine-type animals. That price is included in the current skull price. *larger boars may cost more or take longer due to the complexities of the project and the additional resources needed to purchase per the larger animal and fats stored within the bones due to eating habits and age. (Discussed at dropoff)

Text of Call For More Information: 812-646-1313

Antler and Plague Mounts

Animal the size of a Whitetail Deer $70

Animal the size of a Ram - Elk $150

Animal the size of a Cow/Bull - Buffalo - Moose $200

This price includes cleaning the skull and degreasing. Custom brackets/nameplates/plaques will increase your cost as they are not kept in our shop, we order them on demand. Skull/Velvet Mounts are not eligible for service member discounts, referrals, or for the loyalty program. On the other hand, this mount type is eligible for a hide deduction. So please reference our how to cape page.

Mounting Types and Custom European Mounts

Custom European mount prices are discussed at drop-off and are based upon material costs. We will discuss exactly what you are wanting and formulate a plan.

Example: Standard Skull Price $50 + Custom Metal Skull $100 + Fancy Wall bracket $45.97 = $195.00 (rounded down)

*the below images are not exact representations of our work or mounting products we may use.

Text of Call For More Information: 812-646-1313

Standard Wall Bracket for European Mounts

Fancy Wall Bracket for European Mounts

Barn Wood Planks for European Mounts

Wood Wall Plaques for European Mounts

Desk Pedestal European Mounts

State/Sport Wall Plaque European Mounts

Hydro-Graphic Dip European Mounts

Metal European Mounts (sprayed metal)

Torched Skull European Mounts

Custom Wood Plaque European Mounts

Shed/Replacement Skull European Mounts

Text of Call For More Information: 812-646-1313

Discount Options

Do not let the above prices discourage you, we have discounts, deductions, and loyalty rewards!

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