European mount Discounts & Deductions


When you turn in an animal to be mounted, we will inspect the cape you turn in. If the animal was caped correctly and the fur is in the right condition, you may receive a deduction on your bill. We will work with you to get you the best deal. Shipping customers are not eligible for a hide deduction due to the inability to examine the hide before the agreement/payment is made.

*At the time we quote your mount, RED EYE may not be taking a hide specific to your animal. (the deduction may not be applicable at that time) RED EYE has the right to refuse any and all hides before an agreement is made. If an agreement is made, we will honor the hide deduction on our service agreement.

Combine Discounts:

Caping Recommendations

Text of Call For More Information: 812-646-1313

Service Member Discounts

Veteran Discount: 10% Active or Retired service member.

Police Discounts: 10% Active or Retired police.

Fire Fighter Discounts: 10% Career or Volunteer.

First-Responder Discounts: 10% EMR, EMT, Paramedic.

*Come in, call, or text to discuss any legitimate discount for service members.

*Please bring proof with you when bringing in your specimen. (ID, DD-214, badge, etc.)

Text of Call For More Information: 812-646-1313

discount Combinations

Red Eye European Mounts Discounts

With the world getting more and more expensive, the team at RED EYE EUROPEAN MOUNTS wants to say thank you for considering us as your European Mount Taxidermist. How better to say thank you than providing discounts, price reductions, and programs that ensure a few things:

        1. You get the highest quality European Mount.

        2. You can always afford your mount and honor your kill in your home.

        3. Build a relationship between you and your taxidermist.

        4. Beat out the middle man (up-charges) go straight to the source for European Mounting Purposes.

*RED EYE has the right to cancel all deduction and discounts programs at any time. If we as a business decide to stop these programs, all customers in our database will be notified and grandfathered in for the discounts listed in our system. Please keep all receipts to dispute any costs or discounts you feel you should obtain in the situation this could happen. Currently, our organization does not plan on adjusting these discounts and deductions. If we do, we will offer ample opportunity to take advantage of your prices.