The Red Eye Loyalty Program

We have decided to do something that is rarely heard of in the taxidermy industry. We are giving a loyalty discount that compounds and we are making it visible for everyone to see! Nothing is hidden at RED EYE!

"If you are loyal to us, we will be loyal right back!"

We know what it is like to want your mount back as soon as possible, and as avid hunters, we understand that most people do not budget a taxidermy bill every year like I used to.

That is why we are wanting to provide you a way to save money year over year.

With that said, RED EYE may offer you a loyalty discount as long as you fit the below rules.

If you have any questions, give us a call or text: 812-646-1313

*For retail customers only.

Loyalty Program Rules

  • The Rules:
    • Red Eye European Mounts will keep a permanent log and provide you with a receipt/service agreement.
    • As things can happen, please keep your agreements and payments in case you have to contest your loyalty discount on your bill.
    • If the mount you bring in contains a good cape or fur, we will honor your loyalty discount + the Red Eye hide deduction. (only if the cape is in good condition and if we are taking that hide at that time)
    • RED EYE has the right to refuse any hide at any time. (call before visiting)
  • Maximum Loyalty points: (2) with a 10% off per animal
    • Bring us an animal to mount then you will be placed in (Level 1 Loyalty points)
      • If you bring us a qualifying animal in the same year, you will get the 5% off for the entirety of that year.
      • Since you returned, you will then be placed in level two loyalty 10% off your mount.
      • If you bring a third qualifying animal to us in the same year, you will get the 10% off.
    • All animals from then on out will have a discount of 10% unless the "loyalty pact" is broken. Please read further to learn how to NOT break our loyalty pact.
  • Returning back to zero(breaking the loyalty pact):
    • Your loyalty points will return you back to zero if you do not mount with our company for two years in a row.
    • If you can provide proof that you had the animal mounted with the hide on (shoulder mount, full body, etc.) with a partner of RED EYE EUROPEAN MOUNTS, we do not want to remove point levels because you chose a hide mount with another Taxidermist, that would be a form of punishment and that is not fair. This is another reason we wanted to call this a loyalty program. The only proof we accept is a Taxidermy bill from other taxidermist showing the needed information for mounting. Kill dates, etc. (please redact prices)
  • Red Eye European Mounts Always Follows Johnny law: The check-in of any animal must have the correct license holders' information attached. Red Eye has rules in place that discounts individuals within the law. If you are submitting the mount for someone else, that animal will not be under your discount. We will need their personal information filled out along with everything on the service agreement located within our store. The person that harvested the animal will receive the discount as we create an account for that individual.

Species in the Loyalty Program: (larger animals)

Deer Species

Antelope Species

Bear Species

Boar Species

Buffalo Species

Caribou Species

Cow Species

Elk Species

Javelina/Peccary Species

Moose Species

Mountain Lion

Muskox Species

Sheep/Ram Species

Wolf Species

Safari Species

The Red Eye European Mounts Loyalty Program

Located just East of Elberfeld, IN, and just West of Lynnville, IN, we realized we are in the prime spot to open a European Taxidermy Shop. We are in prime hunting country so you do not have to drive far or spend hard earned money on gas getting to your taxidermist.

"If you are loyal to us, we will be faithful to you!" - John Elpers (taxidermist and owner)

*RED EYE has the right to cancel all deduction and discounts programs at any time. If we as a business decide to stop these programs, all customers in our database will be notified and grandfathered for the discounts listed in our system. Please keep all receipts to dispute any costs or discounts you feel you should obtain in the situation this could happen. Currently our organization does not plan on adjusting these discounts and deductions. If we do, we will offer ample opportunity to take advantage of our current price model.